Guardian Warm Roof to Control Temperature

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Winter is looming and it is at this time of year where we really start to feel the cold in our homes. During winter, it can sometimes be difficult to control the temperature as well as try not to make our heating bills sky high. Unfortunately, some rooms suffer as a result of this more than others, and one place in the house that really feels the cold over winter, are conservatories. 

Conservatories are built up of mainly glass, and so this isn’t always the best when it comes to retaining heat. Although double glazing is reliable and efficient, it is still difficult to keep your conservatory at a comfortable, warm temperature over winter. Furthermore, this applies to summer too, as the room is completely exposed to the sun and with it being mostly made of glass, it gets very hot and humid, very quickly. 

So, we wanted to let you know a little bit about Guardian Warm Roof, which is a thermal efficient form of roofing that will solve all of your problems regarding temperature control inside your conservatory and the rest of your home…


What is Guardian Warm Roof?

Guardian Warm Roof is the perfect alternative roof replacement for conservatories. Due to its fantastic structure and effective temperature control facilities, it makes for a much more comfortable atmosphere and therefore it is a fantastic, practical alternative. The best thing about Guardian Warm Roof, is that it is designed to control temperature. This means that during summer, it will keep the hot air out, and during the winter, it retains heat and stops it from escaping so that you don’t feel the hit from the outdoor temperatures. It essentially turns your conservatory into more of a practical living space that you can use for more purposes and spend more time in, regardless of the time of year and how hot or cold it is outside.


Why you should consider Guardian Warm Roof

You want to be able to use your conservatory all year round, and not have to shy away from doing this due to the cold temperatures. Guardian Warm Roof is the perfect solution for this, and it works in summer too. It keeps your conservatory far more insulated than a standard conservatory roof would, meaning that during winter you can sit in there comfortably without it feeling too cold. With winter upon us, it is certainly something we would recommend so that you can enjoy and get the most use out of this living space, as well as lower your heating bills. 

Furthermore, in summer our conservatories get very hot as they are of course made up of mostly glass so this really heats the room up when the sun is shining through. However, with Guardian Warm Roof, it reduces the amount of exposure to the sun as well as controls the temperature of the room so that it is not too hot and uncomfortable. Unlike standard conservatory roofs, Guardian Warm Roof is built more like a proper roof, with only a couple of windows in the top of it to allow natural light in.

Guardian Warm Roof comes in all different styles and designs, meaning that it is compatible with any existing decor you may have. If you think you would benefit from being able to control the temperature in your conservatory better, this is definitely something you should consider, and you can rest assured that it will look great aesthetically as Guardian Warm Roof is often bespoke and compatible with any design. 

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about Guardian Warm Roof, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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