Here’s Why You Should Invest in an Orangery

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IMG 1518

There are endless ways to enhance your home. You can invest in all kinds of different upgrades, and you can alter the design in just about any way you like. Every change or investment you make in your property can provide you with a whole array of amazing benefits. One thing we highly recommend to provide you with a lot of fantastic benefits for you and your home, are orangeries. An orangery is a significant improvement to your home in many ways, and we wanted to tell you about a few of these benefits and explain why having an orangery is such a good investment to make!


It will make use of neglected space

Having an orangery is like having an extension on your house in some ways. It is essentially an extra room that is built onto your house, and therefore, it uses outdoor space in your garden. A lot of the time, people have space in their garden with no real use, and so filling it with a modern-built orangery is a great upgrade to make. 


It connects you to the outdoors

An orangery is a lot like a conservatory, but blended with your house a little more, and with more of a structural and more sturdy feel to it. It’s a very light and airy room that connects you with the outdoors. The large windows and light and airy feel will provide you with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. This is perfect to enjoy for summer evenings.


Additional space

As an orangery is basically an extension of your property, it therefore provides you with more space. So, not only does it look impressive, but it serves a very practical purpose, too. As a result of having an orangery, your house will feel much bigger, and you will be able to make more efficient use of space.


They are perfect for heat retention

Due to the way they are built, orangeries have fantastic insulation. The bricks they are built with along with the double glazed windows do a great job in retaining heat and keeping your home warmer for longer. As a result of this, it will lower your heating bills, as you will be required to use it less, and this will save you money in the long run.  


It’s a cheaper alternative to having an extension

Though orangeries are very similar to extensions, they are not the same. Furthermore, they are considerably cheaper. The great thing about orangeries, is that you are pretty much seeing all of the benefits of having an extension, but at a much lower cost. It provides you with the practical benefits such as an extra room and a larger living space, but it requires less money to invest. As they are much cheaper to build than an extension, it makes them a more cost effective alternative. 


They can be designed to your taste

To an extent, orangeries are bespoke in the way they are designed. For example, you can choose from various different styles of roofing and windows, as well as the size of the orangery itself. You can also have the brickwork blend in with the rest of your house so that it doesn’t look out of place and instead looks like a natural addition to the house. 


It increases the overall value

Investing in an orangery is a great thing to do for your home in many ways. It provides lots of cost effective benefits, with the biggest being that you will as a result increase the overall value of your home. Whilst it saves you money as a cheaper alternative to providing you with extra space, it also means your house will be worth a higher value in the future. It also boosts the appeal of your home, so that if you do go on to sell it, you will receive a higher sum of money for it. 

If you would like to know more or are interested in investing in an orangery, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.