Preventing Damage to Your Roofline



As with any property, it is incredibly important that your roof is looked after and taken good care of. This is because your roof acts as a first line of defence to your house, and is almost like a protective layer keeping the rest of the building safe and secure. Therefore, you need to keep your roofline as protected from damage as you possibly can so that your property is kept in good condition. If your roofline becomes damaged in any way, this can lead to all sorts of further issues and damage to the building, not to mention the costly repairs that come with it. 

Here at Lymm Windows & Conservatories, we firmly believe that prevention is key, and that it is a much more effective approach to try and prevent damage from occurring than to repair them when they do occur. So, we thought we’d explain a few ways you can prevent damage to your roofline…


Effective gutter systems

One of the most common types of problems surrounding roofs, is blockages and flooding with gutters. This can be due to multiple things, including a blockage somewhere from a build up of debris, to broken guttering that prevents it from doing its job. Sometimes this can be common when your gutter is a little old and outdated, and not in the best condition. As a result, your gutter can struggle to cope with severe weather and heavy rainfall, and may not work properly. 

Our solution to prevent gutter damage from happening, is to install bespoke gutter systems built to deal with this effectively. These gutter systems are able to cope with all weather conditions, no matter how severe, and prevent damage from overflowing pipes. If pipes overflow, this can become heavy and cause the gutter to break. Having an effective gutter system prevents lots of potential damage around your roofline. 


Higher quality materials

Another way to help prevent damage to your roofline, is investing in higher quality materials. As with most things in life, the higher quality something is, the better job it is going to do and the more durable and able to withstand damage it will be. We offer high quality fascias and soffits made with PVCu, a durable and reliable, weather-resistant material to protect your roofline. It also has a great lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment as you can rest assured it will work effectively for a long time. Furthermore, not only are our PVCu fascias and soffits built to prevent damage and keep your roofline protected, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing and look particularly impressive on the exterior of your home, too.

Fascias and soffits both play a key role in protecting your roof and roofline. Fascias hold your roof tiles in place, as well as provide a strong base for your guttering to be attached. They also work to keep out water so that your roof and the interior of your home doesn’t suffer from any kind of leaks or dampness, which can be detrimental as well as very costly to repair. Soffits go underneath fascias, connecting to the wall of your home in order to keep the area sealed and protected. However, despite sealing the area, they do allow air to flow through, ensuring that your property isn’t at risk of any dampness.

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us regarding your roofline, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.