Transform Your Home with Bi Fold Doors

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image 2019 08 20T09 58 07 590Z

Here at Lymm Windows & Conservatories, we offer a huge range of different products, which includes a variety of doors. There are several different types of doors available that we have, so that you can find the best match for your home and find something that will provide maximum security, style and comfort within your house. One of our favourites is bi fold doors. This type of door is very popular in homes and can transform whatever area it is installed to. They give your house a new lease of life and provide fantastic function and practical benefits. 

Here’s why you should transform your home with bi fold doors…


They don’t take up much space

Despite the large size of bi fold doors, and the way they can open up very big and provide more access to the outdoors, bi fold doors actually don’t take up much space at all, due to the way they fold up neatly when opened. This is very practical, especially if you feel you are a little stuck for space in your house. It is a more practical alternative to things like french doors and patios. 


Modern upgrade

Aside from all of the practical benefits of having bi fold doors, they are also very aesthetically pleasing. They can transform your home and add a completely new lease of life, making your house look very modern and classy both from the outside and inside. They certainly add an element of luxury to any home. 


They let in more natural light

Natural light is great for your home. It makes the interior feel more open and fresh. With bi fold doors, you are exposing the inside of your home to a lot more natural light than if you were to have other styles of doors. Bi fold doors can also be opened up to create huge space, therefore filling the room with natural light and connecting you more to the outdoors. 


Access to the garden

A lot of the time, people get bi fold doors at the back of their house. This is because they are very big and open up to create a huge amount of space, making your house feel more open and providing better access to the garden. This is perfect for summertime, or if you are inviting round friends and family for a relaxing evening, as you can leave your bi fold doors open and enjoy the lovely summer weather. 


Improved security

Another fantastic benefit of having bi fold doors, is the improved security of your house. Bi fold doors are built with multi-locking systems and high security hinges. This makes it very difficult for anybody to attempt to get into your house via these doors. Therefore, having bi fold doors will make your home feel extra safe and secure.

For more information and advice or if you are interested in getting bi fold doors for your house, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.