What Type of Windows Are Right For Your Home?



With such a huge variety of different kinds of windows available, it can be difficult choosing the right style for your home. There are lots of things to consider, from whether you want double or triple glazing, to what colour frame you should have, to the size and shape of the windows. To narrow things down and give you a few more ideas and an insight into what windows are available to you, we thought we would talk through some of our favourites…


Double vs triple glazing

We would always recommend having double or triple glazed windows due to the high quality of them and the benefits they provide. However, which one should you opt for? Overall, both are great for improving insulation and therefore reducing energy bills, as well as keeping out noise and drafts from outside.

Sometimes, double glazing windows are actually more successful than triple glazed in keeping the noise out, depending on the thickness and way the triple glazed windows are designed. However, triple glazing provides more and better insulation due to the extra layer of glass. Furthermore, both are good for security and are highly resistant to being forced open. It goes without saying that the cost of triple glazed windows is slightly more than double glazing, however both are made with high quality and care and are great for your property.


Vertical sliding windows

If you are looking for something elegant and traditional, vertical sliding windows are perfect for you. They are intended to replicate traditional sash windows with the wood grain finish and delicate design. Furthermore, although traditional, they do have modern features that are very beneficial, such as the use of uPVC which is a very durable and high quality material. To open these windows, they slide up and down and they can also be tilted inwards.


Arched windows

These are certainly more of a luxurious, classy type of window that would be quite an investment for your home. They add a lot of character and instantly add value and architectural design to any home. It’s fair to say that arched windows are more of a statement for your house. They look incredibly impressive and become quite a focal point, however most of them don’t actually open and close, therefore detracting a practical element.


Bay windows

Bay windows are another more luxury kind of style. They are big and bold and require a skilled professional to get them fitted due to the large and specific measurements. Bay windows protrude outside of the building and therefore create an extra little space in your home, adding more character and style.


Awning windows

Awning windows are perfect for when it rains, which when you live in the North West of England is ideal! The way they are designed means that they keep rainwater from getting inside your home and when opened, will push the rainwater away. They are very water resistant and so perfect for practical reasons!


Floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows are quite unique and aren’t actually compatible with every style of home. They are a very modern design trend and are a fantastic feature to your home. Floor to ceiling windows often create the illusion of more space due to the large amount of exposure and all of the natural light they let into the room. However with this also comes the issue of privacy, as it does expose your home quite a lot. Aside from this, floor to ceiling windows are an interesting investment and can really bring your home to life.


Bow windows

Another of our favourites are bow windows. These gorgeous, curved windows create quite a statement both inside and outside of your home. They look very classy and modern and are also great for providing a broader view of the outdoor area. They are generally custom made to fit the measurements of your house and the price can vary depending on the requirements.


To find out more or if you would like to speak to us about what windows to get for your home, simply visit our contact page and send us a message and we will be more than happy to help!