Why Having Double Glazed Windows Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient



Though the difference between single and double glazed windows is pretty self explanatory, what actually makes double glazing better? There are all sorts of benefits to having double glazed windows, but the biggest one is that it actually makes your home more energy efficient. Single glazed windows are made from one single pane of glass, whereas double glazed windows use two separate panes, with a vacuum layer inside. This is better for your home in various ways, but primarily, it helps to save on energy as it actually provides extra insulation for your home. Furthermore, double glazing also provides some extra security to the building. 

We thought we would explain a little bit more about how and why having double glazed windows will make your home more energy efficient. 


Added insulation

Due to the thickness of the glass and the added vacuum layer inside the window, double glazing adds insulation to your home. This means that the warmth is kept inside the room for a lot longer and a lot more efficiently and it is much harder for the heat to escape through the windows. Furthermore, double glazing also works in keeping the cold out from outside. As a result of this, your home will be kept well insulated and therefore you will not need to use your central heating or any heating appliances for as long or as often. The temperature will be a lot more consistent and easily maintained. This saves a lot of energy, therefore making your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly!


It reduces drafts and unwanted noise from outdoors

Double glazed windows are a lot thicker than single glazed, and this helps to keep out any drafts from outside, meaning the inside of your home will stay warmer and require less heat. Furthermore, the thickness of the windows also means that you tend to keep out more unwanted noise from outside, allowing you to enjoy some more peace and quiet. 

Drafts from outdoors can cause the temperature in your house to drop significantly, which will generally prompt you to turn up the central heating or have it on for longer. So, investing in double glazed windows is a great way to save on energy in the long term as it will keep these drafts out.


Lower energy bills

Having double glazing allows you to maintain the temperature of your home for much longer. Because of this, you will not need to use your central heating for as long or as frequently, which will make your home more energy efficient and also lower your energy bills because you will be using a lot less energy to keep your home heated. You will find that heat loss will half when you have double glazed windows. Furthermore, you can make this even more energy efficient by buying thick curtains or blinds that provide even more insulation to help keep your energy bills lower. The less energy used, the lower bills you will run up, which is why double glazing is such a good addition to your home.

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